Engage Your Website Visitors With UJET Proactive Call and Chat

We have some exciting and helpful updates to share!

We’ve recently debuted our proactive chat SDK for web, all with a slick and contemporary UI that can be customized to fit within your company brand guidelines (i.e. your logo, colors, typeface, etc). With 84% of companies relying on web-based chat support for interactions, it makes sense that when proactively offering help on their website, customers are more likely to engage and follow through on a purchase.

Proactive Chat 2

Agents and call centers alike can set various triggers and context-specific messages to then determine when to offer proactive support on their website. For example:

  • When a customer lingers on your product page on the web, you can message and offer to guide them with a purchase.

  • When a customer comes back to the website within N days, you may deduce the customer is interested in the business and try a particular message to grab their attention.

  • Sending a message to grab attention for Page A context is different from the message for Page B, allowing for versatility.


This update also has multi-language support and can be easily integrated into your website, allowing for a seamless experience from start to finish. This support experience is also handled by the same agent and admin tools used for phone calls and in-app call/chat support, providing a one-stop-shop with major convenience.