Full Support Operation Control With UJET

When it comes to setting up a new operation at a contact center, most of us think of a complicated and never-ending process. To some of us, it’s even considered the biggest pain point.

When it comes to your Current Provider, things tend to become fairly expensive with all those installation and professional services fees. And with the large expense comes an extensive process that takes a lot of time and effort.

Setting up IVR queues and conditional deflections is pricey, and an overly-complicated language setup makes for unhappy customers down the line. Skills-based agent assignment is limited, discouraging teams from reaching their full potential. To make matters worse, coding is required for part of the process, taking valuable time away from your product and engineers. And just when you think it’s done, add in the involvement and coordination from other parties once the setup is complete to continue the ongoing, fragmented experience.

Well, that was then. And this is now.

“Setting up and modifying UJET is as simple as making changes to a word processing document even when organizing large teams. Configuration is a straightforward process for any queue type, even with multilingual support. Branding is just as simple, replacing a string with an audio file and is immediately reflected for quick testing and turn around.”
–Chris, CRM & IT Admin at Ring

With UJET, getting things started is delightful, easy, and takes seconds – with the added benefit of no unexpected charges or professional services fees. Our simple UI streamlines setting up the help menu queues for IVR, mobile, and web routes instantaneously. So whether your operation involves distributed teams in different timezones or API integration into Workforce Management/Business Intelligence tools, straightforward configurations are at your fingertips to then pass over to allied teams or IT admins.

Gone are the days of waiting! Changes in the UJET Admin Portal are immediately reflected on the end-user side without deployment, allowing for real-time control. Not to mention our support team is as swift as our platform and any questions that come up can be rapidly addressed within 24 hours.

Sounds pretty good, right? If you’re interested in what customer support could look like for you today, drop us a line at hello@ujet.co.