Why In-App Support Matters

It comes as no surprise that everyone uses a smartphone these days and that our lives revolve around apps. What does come as a surprise, however, is the fact that not all apps have in-app customer support.

According to Retail Dive, 47% of mobile app users claimed they would delete an app if it didn’t provide customer support. Rightfully so, it’s a wonder why product teams spend countless hours finessing their apps to only then take users out of it when they encounter an issue.

You’ve heard us mention how smartphone era technology is on-demand, so why is customer support not a part of that equation? Why is it that the support tab in our favorite apps is the only one that then takes us out of the app and into an inferior UX? 

Beats us.

Wouldn’t it be helpful if the focus is on ensuring the support call/chat is an extension of your app rather than a reset of it?

Our Smart Actions provide frictionless conversation with rich interaction, all while providing agents with key insights. Thanks to our iOS/Android SDKs, it all sits neatly inside your app, with the ability to customize the look & feel to match your brand. With that said, UJET makes support an integral part of your product & service, no matter if customers connect with you via call, chat, email, FAQs, and more, all within the curated brand experience of your app or website. Here’s to transforming support from an afterthought to a competitive advantage!

It’s now time to keep users inside your app. Drop us a line at hello@ujet.co to learn more.